The BetterGrids Foundation

Our Vision is that grid researchers have the essential test data they need to develop better grid solutions.


Our Mission is to operate the GRID DATA Repository in a self-funding manner to support research and education in developing better solutions for grid optimization, control, resiliency, and integration of renewable and distributed resources.  


Our Strategy is to fulfill that Mission by - 


  1. Enaging a community of volunteers to operate the Repository and govern BetterGrids.
  2. Creating and offering value-added grid research solutions that can help recover operating costs.

  3. Connecting grid research students with experienced entrepreneurs to improve Tech-to-Market success.

  4. Organizing annual fundraising events.

  5. Making grants to research students developing better grid solutions. 



The activities of the BetterGrids Foundation will be carried out via committees as depicted below -

BetterGrids Foundation roles and responsibilities include - 

Roles Responsibilities

Board of Directors,


Treasurer, Secretary, Corporate Counsel

“Standard” non-profit corporation roles.  See also BetterGrids Foundation Bylaws.

Policy Committee Serves as the executive committee of the Corporation acting on behalf of the Board except in those circumstances where only the Board can act.  In addition, this committee is responsible for designing and proposing policies for the Corporation, including policies for membership, IP ownership, licensing, and pricing. 
Audit Committee Assist the Board of Directors with respect to the Board’s oversight of a)the quality and integrity of the Corporation’s financial statements; b)the Corporation’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; c)the independent auditors qualifications and independence and; d)the performance of the Corporation’s internal accounting function and independent auditors.
Outreach Committee  Communication activities to increase adoption of the Repository and the value-added services.   



Accounting, Billing, Compliance, Contracts, HR, Infrastructure, Insurance, Legal, Reporting, and Tax.
Grants Committee

Seeking research grants to perform through volunteers to help cover operating costs;

Organizing an annual fundraising event;

Providing grants to (student) researchers who are developing better grid solutions; and


Engaging experienced entrepreneurs to voluntarily mentor student researchers who need help with Technology-to-Market area.  
Technical Committee Oversight of all technical activities, including grid data curation, repository (open source) software curation, design and delivery of value-added services, evolution of technical standards for grid data and software, and IT security policy. 
Grid Data Curation Subcommittee Authority to annotate models, define new types of models, organize existing models, evolve existing standards for models and delete models which do not meet current standards or find any applications in the industry.
Grid Software Curation Subcommittee Authority to accept and integrate (open source) software into Repository, as a basic or a value-added service.  
Value-Added Services Subcommittee Designing and delivering value-added services (e.g., custom grid data repositories to support public/private grid research)

Committee documents - 

Technical Committee Charter - Feb 2017
BetterGrids -Technical Committee Charter[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [447.6 KB] Volunteers - June 2017
BetterGrids Volunteers-June-2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [62.3 KB]

Contributing Organizations


The following organizations are participating in various BetterGrids committees or have provided valuable input to the creation of the GRID DATA Repository.