BetterGrids GRID DATA Repository goes LIVE to support Advanced Grid Research

June 12, 2017


BetterGrids announced today that it has opened its newly developed Grid Data Repository for free public use by the grid research community.  


"The Repository addresses the growing need for more realistic grid models in the public domain to support grid research and testing," according to Ali Vojdani, President of BetterGrids.  "While every utility has models, they usually contain sensitive information so are only available to researchers under strict conditions."


Design and construction of the Grid Data Repository started last year with input from ARPA-E, grid researchers, and other industry stakeholders. The Repository is built entirely with open source software and is supported by industry volunteers.  It is expected to support more advanced research in grid modernization by enabling more comprehensive and transparent testing, as well as richer and more comprehensive research collaborations. 


"We thank all the organizations and volunteers who have contributed to the development of the Repository, and look forward to continuing our collaboration in support of smart grid research and education," said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., BetterGrids Director. 


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T&D World discusses BetterGrids contributions to grid-edge analytics

June 7, 2017


T&D World published a new article today on the ARPA-E Grid Data Program, GridBright, and


The article - Grid Data Program to Spur Smarter Grid-Edge Analytics - discusses the big gap that needs to be filled between pretty pictures illustrating general smart utility concepts, and actual applications in practice. 


Fundamentally, to build the new tools we will need to optimize increasingly complex dispatch on the grid, we will need reliable and highly detailed models of electricity demand, in all its complexity, along with equally detailed data models of the varying output of all the different sources of electric power which utilities employ to meet that demand, as well as additional models for performance parameters for T&D systems connecting the two.


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BetterGrids Repository to support integration of solar into the nation's electric grid

February 14, 2017


The BetterGrids Repository is part of three of the thirteen projects selected for award negotiations by the DOE SunShot Initiative ENERGISE; a $30M program to support integration of solar energy into the nation's electric grid, while diversifying the nation's electricity sources and improving the reliability and security of the electric grid. 


The three projects represent collaborations among a large number of leading-edge companies including several utilities, technology vendors, national labs, consulting companies, and universities. In all three projects, GridBright will perform the role of Project Data Curator to assist in data collection, conversion, integration, management, and publication. This includes hosting a secure data collaboration platform to facilitate data sharing among the project teams, and preserving research results as open source data and software in the GRID DATA Repository.


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BetterGrids GRID DATA Repository released for User Acceptance Testing

January 5, 2017


Today, BetterGrids released the alpha version of the new "BetterGrids GRID DATA Repository", as part of the ARPA-E GRID DATA project to support research in grid optimization and modernization.  


The Repository will contain some of the existing disparate grid data existing in the utility industry, future grid data developed by the grid research community.


User Acceptance Testing will commence in early February.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins the BetterGrids Board of Directors

January 3, 2017

BetterGrids is pleased to announce that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has joined the BetterGrids Foundation Board of Directors.  


Mr. Kennedy is one of the world's foremost environmental attorneys and advocates.   He is a partner in and adviser to several of the world’s leading sustainability and renewable energy investment firms.


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