January 9, 2019

Newsletter for the GRID DATA Repository and BetterGrids Foundation, Inc.

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2018 Highlights

The bulk of 2018 was focused on delivering our new Semantic Search capability for popular model formats.  The Grid Data Repository now natively supports GridLab-D, MatLab, IEEE, PSS-E, OpenDSS, RED, and PowerWorld.  A technical summary of the solution architecture has been submitted to IEEE for peer-review and publication.

Other highlights include impressive growth metrics in models, users, and downloads.  We have also been successful in securing several revenue generating projects to reach financial self-sufficiency in 2019.

Industry Activities

During the fall, BetterGrids formally launched our solution for smart grid research and pilot projects.

The Repository Software-as-a-Service bundle for research team collaboration includes –

  • File Sharing and Document Management
  • Software Version Control Repository
  • Project and Issue Management
  • A Private Grid Data Model Collection for publishing and archiving results

One convenient annual charge covers –

  • Software setup and user administration.
  • Amazon (AWS) cloud hosting for security, reliability, and global access.

This turnkey platform is built specifically for smart grid projects and allows teams to focus on their research instead of software for team collaboration.

Pick up a brochure at BetterGrids.org/brochures.

Research and Development

In 2019, BetterGrids will be enhancing the Repository to support secure sharing of more sensitive grid data for industry commercial applications.  We are currently evaluating distributed peer-to-peer cryptographic methods that would allow for end-to-end data encryption over the cloud including zero-knowledge storage at untrusted intermediaries. We are also considering blockchain approaches to improve counterparty trust and data immutability.

2019 Strategic Goals

As we enter our 3rd year of operation, we will be building on the solid foundation created over the last two years that includes a modern repository, 400 public grid models, and 300 registered user accounts. Thank you to all our volunteers in getting this far!  We have drafted an ambitious set of Goals for 2019 that we like to share for ideas and feedback before we present them to our Board in April.

Email us your thoughts at info@bettergrids.org.

Quarterly Repository Metrics

The Repository and user community continue to grow. Highlights of recent model contributions include:

  • New 10,000 and 70,000 bus models geolocated in the Eastern and Western US submitted by Texas A&M University.

A large number of dynamic transmission and distribution model submissions by OpalRT.

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