April 26, 2019

Newsletter for the GRID DATA Repository and BetterGrids Foundation, Inc.

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Open Source Software Released

In keeping with our commitment to open source data and software, we have now released the latest version of the Repository code into public domain.

This latest release represents the final version of the Repository code developed by GridBright with funding from the ARPA-E. It includes the breakthrough innovation in semantic searching (and natural language processing) for grid models. A scientific paper reporting on this innovation will be presented by GridBright at the IEEE PES General Meeting this August.

Repository Users

Registered users of BetterGrids Repository now include over 300 individuals from 45 countries. They are engaged in grid research in a variety of organizations including universities, research institutes, consulting companies, software companies, national labs, and utilities.

2019 Strategic Goals

The BetterGrids Technical Committee met on April 19, 2019. The agenda included review of the 2018 performance and discussing the technical agenda for 2019. An important outcome of this meeting was a set of strategic goals for 2019.

2019 Performance Improvement Goals

The BetterGrids Board held its annual meeting on April 24, 2019. An important outcome of this meeting was a set of performance improvement goals for 2019.