PV Real-World Data, Challenges and Approaches to Generate Synthetic Data

December 14, 2022 We are pleased to share research funded by an INTERN supplemental grant from the National Science Foundation to the University of California, Riverside under Grant Number 1711944. This work was done in cooperation with GridBright and the BetterGrids Foundation. Despite the current trends in data-driven studies [...]

Webinar: Demystifying the Common Information Model

Recorded on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 Demystifying the Common Information Model The Common Information Model (CIM) can serve as a key enabler of power system model exchange, data integration from multiple sources, and creation of data-rich application environments by providing an ontology and data exchange mechanism that is [...]

Webinar: PV Integration using a Virtual Airgap

Recorded on November 30, 2022 Sunshine or Shade—Do you know when or where? Most utilities are reticent to integrate BTM telemetry with control room systems because it violates the ‘airgap’ principle for mission-critical Operations Technology (OT). But acquiring real-time PV generation data and integrating it into utility and [...]

Webinar: Utility Emergency Management – In the Cloud

BetterGrids Hosted Webinar:  September 8, 2022 The "Storm" Clouds of Resiliency Clouds are not just about storms anymore. Cloud technology is the foundation for the next generation of utility-specific emergency management—all hazard, continuous, and enterprise-scale common operating picture. These "storm" clouds elevate the reach and depth of emergency [...]

Webinar: 647 Researchers, 45 Countries, One BetterGrids

The BetterGrids Foundation will be hosting a Grid Modeling Webinar on March 1, 2022! BetterGrids provides grid research teams with cloud-hosted repositories to support online collaboration between geographically dispersed universities, labs, vendors, and utilities.  The BetterGrids SaaS solution is the perfect turnkey option for securely sharing grid models, test [...]