The BetterGrids Foundation

The BetterGrids Foundation is a non-profit organization providing support for the GRID DATA Repository in a self-funding and self-governing manner through volunteers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for grid researchers to have the essential test data they need to develop better grid solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to operate the Repository in a self-funding manner to support research and education in developing better solutions for grid optimization, control, resiliency, and integration of renewable and distributed resources.

Our Strategy

  1. Engaging a community of volunteers to operate the Repository and govern BetterGrids.
  2. Developing value-added grid research solutions that can help recover operating costs.
  3. Connecting grid research students with entrepreneurs to improve Tech-to-Market success.
  4. Organizing annual fundraising events.
  5. Making grants to research students developing better grid solutions.


The BetterGrids Foundation is registered as a non-profit in Delaware.

The activities of the Foundation are carried out via committees as depicted in the organization chart (click to zoom).

More information can be found in these resources:

BetterGrids Foundation Organization Chart

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Leadership Team

Dr. Ali Vojdani
Dr. Ali VojdaniPresident and Director
Principal Investigator for the ARPA-E GRID DATA Repository project.  He is also the CEO of GridBright, Inc. 
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Director
Mr. Kennedy is one of the world’s foremost environmental attorneys and advocates. 
Dr. Mohammad Shahidehpour
Dr. Mohammad ShahidehpourDirector
Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of IEEE. 
Dr. Alexandra von Meier
Dr. Alexandra von MeierDirector
Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley and directs Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute’s (BECI’s) Electric Grid program area.
Don McDonnell
Don McDonnellDirector
CEO of the McDonnell Group, the leading research and marketing agency for the energy industry.
Dr. Dariush Shirmohammadi
Dr. Dariush ShirmohammadiCuration Chair
Lead Curator for the GRID DATA Repository project,
EVP at GridBright.
Terry Nielsen
Terry NielsenTechnical Chair
Technical Lead for the GRID DATA Repository project, EVP at GridBright.
Dr. Ram Rajagopal
Dr. Ram RajagopalDirector
Director of the Stanford University Sustainable Systems Lab (S3L)
Dr. Nickolay Makarov
Dr. Nickolay MakarovSoftware Chair
Director and Principal Architect with GridBright.
Chad McArthur
Chad McArthurDirector & Audit Chair
Tax Director at Hood & Strong LLP, member AICPA and CalCPA.
Sherry Dabney, CPA
Sherry Dabney, CPATreasurer
Audit Manager at Spiegel Accountancy Corp.
Maria Contreras
Maria ContrerasSecretary
Vice President, Operations at GridBright.
Jon Ishibashi
Jon IshibashiLegal Counsel
Attorney at law with the offices of Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally LLP.

Contributing Organizations

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Support Grid Resiliency Education and Research

We thank all the following organizations who have contributed to the creation and operation of the Repository.

Additionally, we want to give a special thank you to organizations who have donated to the BetterGrids Foundation.

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