December 3, 2020

Seeking Grid Model Curator to assist in the curation of power grid data models.

The BetterGrids foundation is seeking power engineers or power engineering students to assist in the curation of power grid data models.  Power grid data models include transmission systems and distribution systems models as well as recent technologies, such rooftop solar, wind generation, battery storage systems, and etc.  The goal is to share the most recent and relevant models with power & energy research community to support their work and research.

Applicants should have familiarity with power flow analysis and optimization applications, power system grid models, and model attributes necessary to perform steady state, dynamic state analysis and common approaches to grid optimization. Applicants should also have familiarity with one or more of common analysis packages such as OpenDSS, GridLabD, Cyme, PSS/E, and OpalRT.

The time commitment would average just a few hours (maximum 10) a month and all work can be done remotely.

Originally funded by the US DOE ARPA-E and now self-sustaining, the BetterGrids foundation is a nonprofit organization that manages a public grid data repository that is used by grid researchers. Please see: for more info about the organization and the repository.

If you are interested please send your CV to