BetterGrids hosted a webinar on July 18, 2023  

Locked in Gridlock

Deploying the level of renewable generation required to meet our national and global sustainability objectives is daunting.  To successfully add new sustainable generation capacity,  project developers must navigate the highly complex grid interconnection process, which includes initiating interconnection requests, conducting studies, negotiating agreements, and overcoming the possibility of project withdrawal at any point. The elephant in the room is this process is widely recognized as a bottleneck to renewable deployment.

Leveraging the Berkeley Lab’s rich analysis of the current Interconnection situation in “Queued Up v2”, EE Informer’s extensive coverage of transmission bottlenecks and GridBright’s experience with over 100 developer clients, these three panelists who see this elephant from different perspectives will share their insights into the challenges and potential solutions for grid interconnection un-lock.

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