December 4, 2021

Newsletter for the GRID DATA Repository and BetterGrids Foundation, Inc.

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2021 Update

We have made good progress on achieving our 2021 Strategic Goals as summarized in the following table despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. We have also seen a growth in the Repository registered users and models with a newly operationalized BetterGrids Forum. We are happy to announce the addition of a new set of models from NREL titled SMART-DS. SMART-DS offers realistic large-scale U.S. electrical distribution models with load and solar profiles in areas of Greensboro, NC, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and Austin, TX. Models are available in OpenDSS and CYME formats. Access the collection here.

BetterGrids Secure Data Exchange

GridBright Inc has committed to operating a secure exchange for free of charge to enable secure data exchange and efficient collaboration among the 50+ volunteers supporting the Foundation. It is based on the GRIDEON technology ( that GridBright has developed in collaboration with Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative and MISO with funding from DOE ARPA-E.

SGDX Workgroup Progress

The Secure Grid Data Exchange (SGDX) Working Group of BetterGrids has developed a set of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for exchange of sensitive grid data. These Universal NDAs are now available publicly free of charge and can be obtained at: These NDAs consist of:

1)a one-way NDA

2)a mutual NDA

3)a group (i.e., multi-lateral) NDA

BetterGrids Forum

One of the 2021 Strategic Goals was to develop a forum that will help increase BetterGrids community engagement. The forum was designed with input from the Technical Committee and underwent a pre-production review on functionality, usability, security, and aesthetics. The BetterGrids Forum is now fully operational and can be accessed via

Draft Goals for 2022

The Technical Committee will meet on December 7, 2021 to review progress in 2021 and provide recommendations for strategic goals in 2022.  The proposed goals are summarized in the following table. They will be reviewed and finalized at the Board Meeting in April 2022.

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