The GRID DATA Repository

The GRID DATA Repository is a free library of public network models and power systems test data.  It contains a grid data collection from across the utility industry and developed by the grid research community, including models and data that are being created under the ARPA-E GRID DATA Program.

The ARPA-E GRID DATA program is funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) to support research in grid network optimization and modernization.

The Repository was developed by GridBright, Inc. as open source software to benefit the power systems and engineering research community.

Key Features

Find public grid models

The Repository contains grid data models collected from across the utility industry.

Search Features

Browse by collection and attributes, or search using any combination of keywords.

Publish your innovations

The Repository allows researchers to publish new grid models to benefit the community.

Curation Features

Any registered user can submit models.  BetterGrids curators review and classify all submissions to maintain high quality.

Collaborate with others

The Repository allows researchers to share data and collaborate across distributed teams.

Community Features

Collections are organized by Communities.   Registered users can review, comment, and contribute within authorized Communities.

Publish your innovations

Collaborate with others

The BetterGrids Foundation

The BetterGrids Foundation is a non-profit organization providing support for the GRID DATA Repository in a self-funding and self-governing manner through volunteers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for grid researchers to have the essential test data they need to develop better grid solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to operate the Repository in a self-funding manner to support research and education in developing better solutions for grid optimization, control, resiliency, and integration of renewable and distributed resources.

Contributing Organizations

We thank all the following organizations who have contributed to the creation and operation of the Repository.

We need your support – click below to learn how you can

Support Grid Resiliency Education and Research 

Additionally, we want to give a special thank you to organizations who have donated to the BetterGrids Foundation.

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